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Looking for a New Way Fundraising campaign ideas to Raise Money?

The Online Magazine Fundraising Program gives you the freedom to run and manage a fundraising campaign completely online with absolutely no fees. So within minutes, you’ll be on your way to earning more profits with less effort!

Start fundraising online
Fundraising campaign ideas With your integrated magazine store your friends and family from coast to coast can support your group by ordering or renewing magazine subscriptions at
savings of up to 85% off newsstand prices. And with
37%* of every subscription dollar going to your group, this program is definitely profitable!

Fundraising Facts and tips Fundraising Facts and tips

This program is easy and risk-free since it involves no door-to-door selling and no inventory to handle. Plus you can use it year
round to
compliment other fundraising activities and events with additional income.

So, why not help your supporters put their subscription money to a good cause - yours! With over 500 of the most popular magazine titles to choose from, including news, sports, fashion, lifestyles, hobbies and much more, there is definitely something for everyone!
Magazine subscriptions
And magazine subscriptions are an easy sell, especially considering the following facts from the Magazine Publishers of America:
  • The average American household purchases nearly 4 magazine subscriptions per year.
  • Over 80% of all US households purchase magazines.
  • The typical US adult purchases 34 magazine issues per year.
  • About half of US adults purchase magazines exclusively through subscriptions.
  • Paid subscriptions account for nearly 70% of circulation revenue.
  • Magazine subscribers are migrating online in significant numbers.

Want to know more? Click here to find out How it Works.
*Profit is based on prices before taxes.
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