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The online magazine fundraising program is fast, easy and profitable. But don't take our word for it! Read what others are saying about it and decide for yourself!
Do you have your own success story about the Online Magazine Program that you would like to share with others? Just send an email with your story to online@fundraising.com.

   Fast, Easy and Profitable!

"Thank you for running and managing my fundraising campaign. The magazine sale is the easiest fundraising project I have ever been involved with. There is no money to collect, no product to deliver and it is an easy sell. The magazines offered cover a wide range of interests and age groups. I watched our profits grow almost daily!"

Laurie Williams
Cortland Youth Hockey Mites

   Efficient and Innovative!

"We have been raising funds for our school teams for twenty years, and the online magazine fundraiser has proven to be one of the most effective programs we have found. It’s easy to administer and it really fits today’s high-tech world. It should be an integral part of any group’s fundraising arsenal."

John Butterworth
NYS Champion Penfield High School Boys Soccer

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