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Online Fundraising Tips & Ideas

Why Online Fundraising?

Because online fundraising is faster, easier and more profitable for your group! Here are some of the benefits to raising funds online:

   No door-to-door sales.
   You never have to handle money, inventory, order forms or shipping.
   Quickly & easily reach supporters and group members across the country.
   You get 37%* of all sales from your online store.

Why Magazines Online?

   There’s something for everyone with over 500 family friendly titles to choose from
   Your supporters can save up to 85% off newsstand prices.
   Magazines are great gifts.
   Supporters can also renew their current subscriptions, so they can support you with purchases they would have made anyway.

And it’s easy to reach your goals with this online fundraising program! Here are a few tips for running a successful campaign:

  • Customize your online fundraising store with color, text and a photo from your group.

  • Create competition among group members by setting goals and providing incentives that reward participants for sales.

  • Spread the word about your online fundraising campaign at your next group meeting.

  • Promote your fundraiser online through a personal blog, group website or profile page like Facebook or MySpace.

  • Use the “import address book” feature to quickly reach all your contacts. Personalize your emails for an extra special touch.

  • Review your email list to ensure you’ve notified all your group members about your fundraising campaign, and reached all your friends and family for support as well.

  • Send reminder emails to encourage your group and keep participation up. You can also send thank you cards to supporters and participating group members.
Now that you know how to maximize your profits with an online fundraising campaign, it’s time to get started!

*Profit is based on prices before taxes.
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